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The team has two independently functioning management systems, one for operations and one for administration.


The operational control of the team, including command during incidents, team training matters and liaison with other bodies is carried out using a conventional hierarchy structure. Overall control rests with our team leader and two deputies who are elected to post annually. The leadership may on search incidents delegate control to one our trained search managers.


Hill parties will be led by a party leaders, with each group also having a nominated medic. At a casualty site a resources marshal is appointed to manage assets, including personnel and equipment


The administrative control of the team is carried out by an elected management committee. This follows a conventional model, with a chair, secretary, treasurer, three team members on a three year rolling changeover, one team member who has never previously served and the team leadership. Specialist input is provided by co-opted officers for equipment, vehicles, headquarters, fundraising and medical matters.


If you are interested in the team or our work why not visit us. Please contact our Secretary or Team Leader to arrange a visit.

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Team Structure

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